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My Neighborhood ushered in the New Year 2012, hosting a fun health luncheon at Woodbridge Crossing Restaurant, whose location:  18939 N. Lower Sacramento Road, Woodbridge, CA 95628 on February 9, 2012, but not with all those restrictive resolutions we tend to commit to, and as we know, only are always short-lived, but with strategies which are simple, healthy and rewarding for our physical bodies and our mental and emotional well-being!   

Speakers included: 

  • Michelle Ponto- Fitness author and NPC athlete - Currently based in Sacramento, Michelle Ponto is a NPC bikini athlete and the co-writer of Buff Dad: The 4-week fitness game plan for real guys. She has also written for a number of media companies including CBS News, ABC News, Discovery Channel, The New York Times, and Harlequin.
  • Laura McIntosh from Bringing It Home - Bringing it Home is the award-winning, weekly cooking series with James Beard and Emmy Nominated Host, Laura McIntosh. Revolutionary in concept, Bringing it Home shows viewers how to take seasonal ingredients straight from the farm to the kitchen to  create fresh and healthy meals for the whole family.
  • Dr. David Eibling, Health Plan of San Joaquin’s Associate Medical Director
  • In-Shape Clubs

Our first speaker was Dr. David Eibling, Health Plan of San Joaquin’s Associate Medical Director, who reminded us that as consumers of healthcare, seeking the so-call “sweet-spot,” that is, being sure to seek out preventive care in the form of physical examinations, being aware of the basic studies which insure we are detecting medical issues as they arise, stressing that we get the healthcare we need so that we do not become sick are basic to insuring good health. 

Dr. Eibling stressed that “get enough health care to keep you healthy” is the goal.  We are encouraged by Dr. Eibling to start with two simple principles: 

  1.  The right diet
  2.  The right activity

The body is like a checkbook:

Goal:  Balanced body = intake/output.  If our intake is much greater than our output, we are out of balance and prone to diseased states such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and depression.

 As Michelle Ponto - Fitness Author and NPC Athlete - addressed us, her bright smile, vibrancy and beauty from within complemented her beauty on the outside – her physical presence was that of grace and poise.  As Michelle is the co-writer of Buff Dad:  The 4-week fitness game plan for real guys, with Mike Levinson, R.D., Michelle initially a journalist and basic trainer at the time when her blogging and articles had been read, in turn offered her a path to become a co-writer for her book.  Her secrets, simplistic as they seem, create lifestyles which pave the way for high self-esteem, good health and overall happiness that comes from a commitment to oneself! 

Secret #1:  Eat Smarter

Not eating is NOT the solution

Make better decisions – salads vs. lean steak or grilled salmon

Allow a “cheat” meal a week

Prepare in advance – groceries & recipes

Get rid of temptation

Secret #2:  Burn Fat

Cardio helps burn off fat

Just 30 minutes a day

Can be anything that keeps heart rate elevated

Challenge yourself

Secret #3:  Set A Goal

Short term

Long term

Celebrate our wins (but NOT with food!)

Thank you, Michelle!  All in the audience agreed that these goals are so attainable…all we need is to stay focused on our desire to weave this into our thinking…And, as Michelle went on to show us slides of a beautiful woman who is an example to us all, that perseverance is the key to staying on track, and that the commitment of blogging encourages not only ourselves to continue our mission of better health, but those who read our blogs are a very important part of this process, as well.  The writer and reader both share in the unique goal of success ~ our blogs of ups and downs in our mission elicits great support from readers, and as well, our sharing via blogging, supports those who wish to join our mission.  This is a win-win situation. 

In-Shape Clubs stressed the importance of regimen of physical work-out, emphasizing cardio as well as muscle building/toning.  As is noted, the greater amount of lean muscle, calories continue to burn well after the end of an exercise session. 

In-Shape Clubs offers the following: 

Aquatics, Cardio Conditioning, Cycling, Dance Rhythms, In-Shape Kids, Intro Classes, Kickboxing, Mind/Body, Resistance/Sculpt, Seniors, Sports Conditioning. 

Free Enrollment:  Hurry!  Offer Ends February 29, 2012

As Dr. Eibling stressed, diet and exercise are the keys to maintaining a balanced body!

Laura McIntosh was truly a delight!  Her articulate, high energy level exuded as she described the culinary delights prepared by Mike, Chef for Woodbridge Crossing.   As Laura listed the ingredients for our luncheon, Mike elegantly peeled and chopped, as a chef would do, so artistically demonstrating for the audience the preparation of the following: 

Orange BBQ Chicken with Grilled Vegetables

Marinated Red Ace Beets with Arugula, Goat Cheese and White Truffle Oil

Laura went on to mention that as many olive oils possess up to 85% of oil such as canola oil, one needs to be cautious when purchasing olive oil, albeit it is labeled 100% natural olive oil; it just may not be.  One 100% natural olive oil sold locally from Lodi:  Cecchetti Olive Oil.  Laura reminds us that we need to be aware of what is in our diet, our foods and researching ingredients is important such that we are aware of what we are consuming.  This, along with proper caloric count, fat content, carbohydrate consumption and exercise are the components which enables us to live healthier. 

My Neighborhood, all who attended this New Year commitment to ourselves, thank you for all you shared.  Everyone walked away with a feeling that health should be a primary concern and you have, indeed, enlightened us on how to accomplish this!