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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: Animal control mistakenly adopts out owner's dog

CALAVERAS COUNTY, CA - No matter how this dog adoption is resolved, one party is going to lose out.

Renee Farnsworth of Copperopolis says her two mixed breed dogs got out of her yard on Oct. 20. On Oct. 24, she left missing dog reports and descriptions of Grizzly, a German shepherd mix and Oscar, a German shepherd/St. Bernard mix, with animal control in Calaveras and Tuolumne counties. Farnsworth said Calaveras Animal Services called back on Oct. 25 to say neither dog had been brought in to them.

Farnsworth said she checked with Calaveras Animal Services again on Nov. 1. When her call was returned the next day, she said the person she talked to asked again for descriptions of the dogs. At that point, Farnsworth learned both dogs had been brought in together but Oscar had been adopted by another family after the stray holding period and staff could not release the name of the new owner.

At that point, Farmsworth said  she contacted the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department.

The department's Sgt. Laurie Murray, who heads Animal Services, investigated. Murray said her staff was looking for a St. Bernard/shepherd mix and a shepherd mix as described by Farnsworth when to her staff, the dogs brought in looked like a mastiff mix and a lab mix. In addition, neither dog had a license, identification tag or microchip to help identify them.

Murray said Animal Services didn't make the connection with Farnsworth's missing dogs and Oscar went to a new home. Farnsworth did get Grizzly back.

Murray said a message has been left with Oscar's new family about the mix-up asking if they would return the dog. There has been no answer yet. She said the new owners are legally Oscar's owners.

Murray added she feels bad for both families and if the new owners choose not to give up Oscar, her supervisors would have to determine how to resolve the mix-up, if possible.