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The Run Bunny Blog
The Run Bunny Blog

The Run Bunny Blog – Getting Started

I’m a TV reporter working a split shift schedule – 11am to 7:30pm. So I either have to wake up super early or run after work. Don’t know about you, but I prefer to run outdoors because it’s less boring: I can dodge cars and sometimes I see a dog.

So if I get called in early to cover searches of Wes Shermantine’s former Calaveras County property or research federal bankruptcy law and what a GASB 45 means (thank you, Stockton) , then I’m most likely stuck running on a treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness whenever Dark:30 rolls around.


When I run on a treadmill, I have to cover up the digital time/distance/speed calculator to preserve my sanity. I feel like more of a failure on a treadmill. I’m surrounded by folks who run at “8.” WTF? Seriously, “8?” I hate you. And they don’t run for like 10 minutes, but for 20 minutes.  Well, I’m definitely not running at a speed of “8.” More like 5 and a little bit… Sometimes, I run for 20 minutes, other times I run till I reach 2 or 3 miles.

Boredom is my biggest problem on a treadmill. I can’t be happy with just my iPod or just the TV. It’s Rancid and Dead Kennedys set to me reading the closed caption of Modern Family.


When I do have time to run outdoors, I’ve mapped out a 3 mile course around town. Have you had shin splints before? Yes, I have. Do you have no sense of direction? Yes, I don’t. So I compromise by running sometimes in asphalt bike lanes, sometimes in grass, sometimes on sidewalk. So far, no major injuries….

As of right now, I’m running just to do it. I’m not timing myself or really conscious of speed. I’m doing 10 minute miles some days, others I’m much faster, but can’t remember what time I got…I get confused because my iPod is still set to Eastern Standard Time. I like to know what time it is for my parents back home in NJ, "Hmm they should be having dinner right about now and watching Jim Gardner on the 6 O'Clock news."... and because they get national news before I do and sometimes I just can’t wait for Pacific Coast programming, so I call them to see what happened on Good Morning America.


I feel more confident now that I’m eating carbs in the morning: either peanut butter toast or a bagel. I wait an hour then run. I’ve also read from other run bloggers that chocolate milk is an excellent muscle recovery drink! This is a huge motivator for me and I look forward to chocolate milk as a reward after completing a run. I hope no one writes back to me challenging the chocolate milk theory…  I need this, damn it.


I’m a heel runner, but don’t want to be. This is probably a very, very bad idea…but… I bought semi-minimalist running shoes by Saucony. My thinking is that the fear of injury will propel me into a consciousness to run mid-foot.  

And Socks

Who knew cotton would betray me so? I’m now wearing cushiony Balega socks. At $10 a pair, they are not cheap and sometimes I resent them. But then I run in them and have not experienced any blisters, so their price tag is forgiven.

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