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The Run Bunny Blog
The Run Bunny Blog

The Run Bunny Blog

I don’t like running. But I run. Why? Because I moved to Northern California. I feel so much pressure to be running, because it seems like every healthy person is doing something outside and making me feel lazy for watching them.

Can I run? Well, it depends.

I was captain of my high school track team. 400M hurdles was my primary race, since I wasn’t naturally fast to be a sprinter and I got too bored during long distance runs. During my freshman year, I tried almost every race, but I had good form for 400M hurdles and loved running second leg in the 400M relay race. 

But… I’m a big baby who doesn’t like to be sore, be cold, or be sweaty longer than 20 minutes. And long distance running takes up a lot of time that I could be spending watching Law & Order SVU reruns while doing laundry.

I liked high school track, but I got burnt out.

What you have to understand about me and athletic pressure is my father, the coach. My father was the assistant coach for the Edgewood Regional High School’s boys’ track team in 1979 when they were South Jersey III Champions. My dad also had the honor of watching Carl Lewis of Willingboro High School compete as a teen. So my dad thinks he knows running.

I ran my first mile in the first grade during a physical fitness exam. My father came to my elementary school to pick me up, saw me run (I beat all the girls and all the boys except one, mostly because I think no one really wanted to do it), and determined that I was a runner.

Dad would show up at my track practices, much to my embarrassment, and time me on his stop watch. “Is that your dad????” No…that’s a…uh… college recruiter...screaming at me….

No school, No hurdles, No dad

So, I really have few options as an adult to run with no school or dad support. The option is long distance races. Ugh. There are plenty of 5K, 10K, half marathons, and marathons to compete in, especially in NorCal. Ugh. I just really hate long distance. It’s so boring. So, so boring. But the good thing about being a long distance runner is that you have the opportunity to improve and you don’t have to be naturally talented like you need to be for sprints.

The first distance race

I signed up for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon on April 1. I figured April Fools’ Day was the best time to do 13.1 miles, because if I don’t finish, I could just be like, “Sike! I was just kidding…”

In retrospect, I probably should have tried a 10k or a 5k first…. Maybe I just hate myself more than I hate running. 

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