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Truck stolen in Stockton carrying a man's ashes recovered without the remains


A large moving truck stolen from a Stockton motel late Monday night was found in an orchard east of Stockton nearly 24 hours later. Unfortunately for the family that had the truck stolen, their father’s ashes are still missing.

Kristi Comstock and her brother Steven are driving their father’s possessions and his ashes from Georgia to Seattle. Their dad died two weeks ago in a traffic accident. They stopped in Stockton Monday night, too exhausted to continue, and then their truck was stolen. 

“Get up at 5, think we’re starting early; the truck and everything were gone,” Comstock said.

Suspect recorded breaking into Stockton home

Photographs of a suspect allegedly burglarizing a Stockton home are being shared via Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page in the hopes of identifying him.

Stockton police say the man in the photographs burglarized the East Flora Street home on January 19, though no other details have been provided at this time.

Detectives are encouraging anyone with information to call (209) 937-8377, Detective Michael Prag of Investigations Unit at (209) 937-8323, or Crime Stoppers at (209) 946-0600. Callers can remain anonymous.

Stolen moving truck recovered, father's ashes still missing

A moving truck that once contained the ashes of a Seattle woman’s father, stolen from a Stockton motel has been recovered.

However, the woman, Kristy Comstock’s father’s ashes remain missing.

California Highway Patrol officials are calling it “good police work” that led investigators to the missing Penske moving truck; however, when CHP informed Comstock of the discovery, she and her brother expected to find the ashes as well. That unfortunately was not to be the case.

CHP officials report the Penske truck was discovered deep in an orchard about five miles away from the motel it was stolen from on Monday.

Comstock and her brother were making the haul from Georgia to Washington with their father’s remains following his sudden passing two weeks prior, the victim of a car crash.

Father’s ashes stolen from Stockton motel parking lot

A Seattle woman and her brother were too tired to drive past Stockton last night on their way from Georgia to Washington.  

They were hauling the belongings of their late father and his ashes; their dad died in a car crash two weeks ago.

They woke up this morning to a heartbreaking discovery. 

“Get up at five, think we’re starting early," said Kristy Comstock. "The truck and everything is gone."

They’d flown to Georgia, and rented a huge yellow Penske truck. They began the trip to Seattle and were towing a trailer and their father’s car. The car and trailer were discovered Tuesday morning in farmland northeast of Stockton. But the Penske truck and their dad’s ashes, kept in a marble box, are still missing.

“I just want my dad back," Comstock said. "It’s clearly marked; his name and date and everything are on there. I want to be able to take him home."

Woman nearly duped in fake kidnapping scam


A Stockton woman nearly fell victim to a frightening new kidnapping scheme that happens over the phone.

Sadie Saling got a call on Tuesday morning and the caller said her sister had been taken hostage.

Erin Brockovich attends water forum in Stockton; hundreds turn out

The City of Stockton said it will now post monthly water readings online. This, after environmental activist Erin Brockovich raised questions and concerns about Stockton's water. Monday night, Brockovich sat down with water experts at Delta College for a special town hall meeting.

Stockton man attacked by group of children, punched and robbed by 7-year-old


A man was attacked and robbed by a group of children late Saturday afternoon just outside a mall, according to Stockton police. 

Police reported a group of children, ages 10 to 15 years old, attacked the man at around 4 p.m. while he was walking on Pacific Avenue, outside the Weberstown Mall. 

According to police, several of the children grabbed him and held back his arms while a suspect who appeared to be age 7 punched him in the face and took his iPhone.