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Homeless return to Stockton encampment | News

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Homeless return to Stockton encampment


A huge homeless encampment under a freeway in Stockton was visited by Caltrans on Friday, but the people living on state property weren’t evicted.

Instead, they were temporarily displaced while the camps were cleaned of trash and other debris. Then the homeless were allowed to return and establish their tents again.

“We’ll move right back,” acknowledged Robert Mcinnis, who’s been living under the freeway with his girlfriend and two dogs. “There aint no where else for to go, to stay out of the rain.  We can’t afford nothing,” Mcinnis said.

Caltrans spokesman Rick Estrada said the state is working toward a permanent solution at the site. Fencing may be installed around the entire area, but work still needs to be done. 

“The project is being developed right now. Before we can build it, funding has to be available,” Estrada said.

Hours after the cleanup took place, and Caltrans had moved on, many tents had returned.