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Green practices helping businesses create sustainability, longevity

Barn owls are used as a means of energy-efficient pest control, reducing the need for harmful pesticides.

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The gory details: Crime scene cleaner takes on job few care to tackle

Christopher Loston, owner of Bio Safety Clean, specializes in crime scene cleaning.

After 10 years serving in the military, Christopher Loston joined the family business.

It’s not an unusual career step. However, for most, the family business involves less blood and guts.

On his first day, Loston spent hours chopping up a bloody mattress. We’ll spare readers the details Loston didn’t spare a Central Valley Business Journal reporter. Like he says, “sometimes less details are better.”

Loston owns Bio Safety Clean, a home restoration and cleanup company that once focused on crime scenes. He still offers the service in Sacramento, Solano and San Joaquin counties, but he’s added water damage repair and mold removal, as well.

From a scientific standpoint, Loston said the added services makes sense because blood is liquid-based and acts the same as water to clean.

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Stockton chosen by EPA for brownfields grant

A coalition led by the City of Stockton and comprised of the San Joaquin Council of Governments and Successor Agency to the Former Redevelopment Agency of Stockton has been awarded a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assess brownfield sites.

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Growers turning more to innovative ag techniques for sustainability

Chris Locke, a walnut grower in Lockeford, has installed several solar arrays on his 600-acre operation.

While the end result of growing crops in the Central Valley is still the same, the way those crops are grown has undergone dramatic changes in the last few years.

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Central Valley substations to be used in new electricity program

Business Journal Writer

Starting in 2023, the Central Valley will have a new, more reliable source for energy. A public-private partnership will create the San Luis Transmission Project connecting the electric substations in Tracy to the San Luis, O’Neill and Dos Amigos substations found in the Los Banos area.

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REXPO highlights need for reducing carbon emissions

Samir Sheikh, executive director of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, gives the keynote speech at REXPO in March.

STOCKTON–One of the first things attendees of the Revolution Against Air Pollution Exposition (or REXPO) is that there are not programs handed out. That’s because event coordinators at the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce are being as eco-friendly with their planning as possible.

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Facilities Expo sees hundreds over two-day run

Dainel Hedin, project manager with Airstrike Bird Control, Inc., holds Wendy, a six-year-old falcon, at the Facilities Expo in Modesto on March 15.

MODESTO—More than 900 individuals representing businesses of every size were attended the Facilities Exposition over its two-day run on March 14-15.

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