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Four arraigned in suspected embezzling ring

Four arraigned in suspected embezzling ring


Police arrested three people Friday and one Sunday who are suspected in an embezzling scheme that bilked a Stockton staffing company out of more than $377,000 over a period of 19 months.

Liliana Trejo, Sandra Lee Melton and Raymond Price were arrested Friday afternoon, according to San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor.  Bookkeeper Becky Vochatzer was arrested Sunday. All four are suspected in an embezzling ring that stole money from Premier Staffing in Stockton.

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Man accused of posing as San Joaquin sheriff's deputy

STOCKTON, CA - A man was arrested Friday for impersonating a San Joaquin County sheriff's deputy.

Vieng Say Keosavang contacted a man last week saying if he wanted a job in booking then he would have to give Keosavang with $75, a DMV print out and ID, Deputy Dave Konecny said. Keosavang told the man to put the items in an envelope and he will pick them up later.

The man told deputies that Keosavang claimed he worked for the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department and was dressed in a black uniform with a San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department patch, a name tag and a black duty belt.

Konecny said on Friday the man, with a deputy present, called Keosavang and set up a meet where he could drop off the items Keosavang wanted. Deputies arrested Keosavang on the 7900 block of West Lane in Stockton when he showed up for the meet.

Grandson arrested after woman's body found in backyard

Grandson arrested after woman's body found in backyard

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton police arrested a man Tuesday on suspicion of murdering his grandmother and dumping her body  in the backyard of her southeast Stockton home.

Jerome Sydney Deavila, 39, a registered sex offender, is accused of homicide.

Officers responded to the home on the 400 block of South Golden Gate Avenue around 12:44 p.m. after family members found the body of 76-year-old Racheal Renee Russell.

Stockton police Officer Joe Silva said Russell was reported missing by her son Steve on Friday night. Neighbors said Russell was found in a wheelbarrow and that her body was wrapped in a bedsheet and comforter. There were wheelbarrow tire treads all throughout the house.

"She was supposedly wrapped in a sheet and a comforter. There was a toy on her chest, a girl's toy," said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Stockton man scares off robbery suspect with rifle

STOCKTON, CA - A man scared off a would-be robber by firing his rifle at the suspect Tuesday morning.

The 63-year-old man was taking out the garbage around 10:37 a.m. on the 100 block of East Clay Street, when he saw that his garage door was open, Stockton police said.

The man went back inside and watched as the suspect walked out of the garage carrying a latter. Police said the man got his phone and .22 caliber rifle and then confronted the suspect.

As the man called 911, he told the suspect to get on the ground about five times. Police said the suspect yelled back at the man, "I'm gonna kill you."

The man, fearing for his life, fired four shots about 10 feet in front of suspect. The suspect then ran from the scene.

Student masterminds video sting to catch suspected thief

LINDEN, Calif. - The Linden High School sophomore who videotaped a teacher apparently stealing money from student backpacks said she knew she had to do something.

Justine Betti said students had noticed things missing from their backpacks in gym class all year.

She decided to hide inside a locker to see if she could find the culprit. She did not expect it to be her teacher.

"After all the kids left she stayed in there and went through people's backpacks," Justine said, adding, "I saw her take money and then I told people and nobody believed me."

Betti decided she needed proof.

"Something needed to be done. Like, that's not ok."

On Wednesday, February 13, she hid in a locker a second time, holding a phone video camera, with another camera propped up in a second locker.

"I didn't want to believe that she would do something like that because she was so nice, but then she did it," Betti said.

Stockton cops get tips on shocking Victory Park murder

STOCKTON, CA - Several anonymous tips were turned into Stockton police in regards to a September 2012 shooting death, Officer Joe Silva said.

In those tips, people said the same people who killed Armando Pina at Victory Park were responsible for several other killings during the same period.

Pina was shot to death and robbed of a gold chain while walking in the middle of the afternoon. He had recently retired from the City of Stockton.

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However, Silva said those tips are vague.

Elderly couple victimized in Stockton home invasion

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton police are looking for two men who broke into a home Sunday afternoon while the elderly residents were there.

The men stole jewelry and money while ransacking the house.  One of them kept a gun pointed at the 93-year-old woman during the incident.

"She was still lying in bed, and he was pointing the gun.  She was trembling," said the daughter of the victims who was at work at the time.  "I couldn't forgive myself if something happened, if they were killed," said the woman who didn't want to provide her name.

The men broke into the home through a back window, which was broken by a thrown rock.  The rock was thrown so hard it marked up a wall about 30 feet beyond the window.

Police said the men were wearing masks and gloves, and the victims couldn't be certain of their race.

The home invasion was in northeast Stockton.