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London is watching as Stockton fights Forbes!

Even a London newspaper has viewed local businessman, Gregory Basso's, "Fighting Forbes" video and written an article on it, complete with a picture of San Francisco's Stockton street!


Stockton's quality of life video reaches MSNBC

STOCKTON - MSNBC reporter, Jim Gold interviewed Gregory Basso of "Fighting Forbes" fame to find out why this local businessesman thought it was important to take on Forbes' "Miserable City" rating.

He takes a balanced look at Stockton's business climate.



St. Mary's Interfaith announces new board of directors

St. Mary's Interfaith announces new board of directors

STOCKTON - St. Mary’s Interfaith Community Services, 545 West Sonora Street, is pleased to announce their new Board of Directors Officers for 2011.

President, Nick Salvetti - Salvetti is currently serving his 5th year on the board. He is a Vice President and Wealth Advisor with Merrill Lynch. He received his BS in Business Administration from Fresno State and is a Certified Financial Planner. He brings 10 years of experience in financial services to assist his clients in developing long-term financial strategies for conservative wealth building. He continues to share this experience with St. Mary’s Interfaith.

Vice-President, Cindy Ketcherside - Ketcherside is currently serving her 4th year on the board. She currently chairs the Programming/Building Committee and is eagerly anticipating the completion of a new food warehouse that is currently under construction on site. She received her Master’s Degree from the University of the Pacific in 1991 and has been a professor at National University since 1997, in addition to being employed as a paralegal. As a native Stocktonian she believes that it is important to be involved in making our community a better place for all who call our city home.

Stockton has Forbes' Ear

Stockton has Forbes' Ear

STOCKTON - Local resident Gregory Basso got the attention of Forbes magazine with his video, "What Forbes Forgot."

Other local residents had their say with Forbes as well. Unable to ignore us any longer, they responded in their online magazine.



California Partnership for San Joaquin Valley to hold first board meeting

California Partnership for San Joaquin Valley to hold first board meeting

STOCKTON - On Friday, March 11, the first quarter California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley board of directors meeting will take place at the Robert J. Cabral Ag Center in Stockton, 2101 Earhart Avenue.

The meeting will be held from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., and will feature a panel of San Joaquin County private and public sector professional which will present their needs to the board.

The board meetings provide board members and Valley stakeholders the opportunity to hear updates on several initiatives including Valley Legacy (WIA grant), Smart Valley Places and A New Valley (10-year Strategic Action Plan). Regional challenges, projects and legislation issues will also be explored in the meeting.

The California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, initiated by an executive order from former Gov.

Mayor, local representatives show support of Enterprise Zone Program

STOCKTON - On Thursday, Feb. 17 local business owners and employees will join Mayor Ann Johnston to show support for jobs and communities that result from California's Enterprise Zone Program, one that Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed to repeal.

The event will begin at 11 a.m. at Premier Finishing, 7910 South Longe Street.

California’s Enterprise Zone Program is one of the state’s most effective efforts to create jobs and reduce poverty. This program enjoys widespread support from Democrats and Republicans, business, taxpayer, small business and local government organizations because the program is effective at creating jobs, reducing poverty and creating value in communities across the state.

Stockton Borders bookstore to close

Stockton Borders bookstore to close

STOCKTON - Borders announced Tuesday it has filed for reorganization relief under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As part of this reorganization, Borders will close 200 susperstores nationwide, including the store at 10776 Trinity Parkway in Stockton.

Other news outlets reported long-expected Chapter 11 filing will give the second-largest U.S. bookstore chain a chance to try to fix its finances and overhaul its business in an attempt to survive the growing popularity of online bookbuying and digital formats.

The move comes after years of shriveling sales that made it impossible to manage the bookstore company's debt load.