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California Chamber of Commerce highlights ‘job killers’

On April 4, the California Chamber of Commerce released the list of so-called “job killer” bills that could negatively impact the job market in the state. It’s the goal of the organization to keep the bills from becoming laws.

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F&M to acquire Bank of Rio Vista

Farmers & Merchant Bancorp, the parent company of locally-owned F&M Bank, has reached a signed agreement to acquire the Bank of Rio Vista.

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Social gathering to focus on ‘Femmetrepreneurs’

An event with a focus on women in business will be held Thursday, April 5, from 6-9 p.m.

Boss Babes: A Night for Femmetrepreneurs, is being billed as “a women’s empowerment social.” Event organizers stated that the event “brings like-minded individuals together to foster connection, inspiration and empowerment.”

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Schuler named CEO of In-Shape

Francesca Schuler is getting her steps in. She’s stepping in as CEO of In-Shape Health Clubs, replacing Rich Nelson. Previously, Schuler was COO of the Stockton-based fitness business.

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City of Stockton announces funding program

On Feb. 13, the City of Stockton announced funding availability through the 2018 Business Entrepreneurship program.

The program awards funding to businesses that provide “new and existing small business programs and supportive services focusing on the creation or enhancement of services for start-up business and entrepreneurs within the City of Stockton.”

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Businesses need to worry About employment taxes

Employee taxes just as important as other business taxes.

When most people think of the word “tax,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is the income tax levied by the IRS. This is natural as most everyone has to pay income taxes and we are reminded of that fact every April 15.
However, for business owners, employments taxes are just as important, if not more so.

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What if your business could talk to you?

What if your business could alert you to catastrophic issues that your business was going to face unless you made some type of correction? Items such as cash flow issues, loss of a key customer, a loss of trust with your customers, ineffective use of financial resources, decrease in morale and dedication of employees, loss of mission focus or even poor leadership. What if, similar to a “check engine” light, there was a “check cashflow” light that would turn red?

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