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L.H. Horton Gallery 2D - 3D Works Exhibition October 10 - November 7 | Arts & Culture

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L.H. Horton Gallery 2D - 3D Works Exhibition October 10 - November 7
L.H. Horton Gallery 2D - 3D Works Exhibition October 10 - November 7
L.H. Horton Gallery
2D - 3D Works Exhibition
October 10 - November 7


Delta Center for the Arts LH Horton Jr Gallery presents the 4th Annual 2D–3D National Exhibition and Awards Competition, October 10 – November 7, 2013.


The exhibition presents a survey of artists’ works in two and three-dimensional form. It’s an exceptional show of craftsmanship, diversity of style, subject and individual use of materials. There are 47 artists from around the country selected by the exhibition juror, René de Guzman, Senior Art Curator, Oakland Museum of California. Eight artists from San Joaquin County are included in the show: Samuel Bassett, Pepe Pool, Jim Coston, and Ronald Houck, C.M. Cunningham (Lodi), Monika Meler and Lisa Cooperman (Stockton), as well as former/current Delta College students Jason Compton (UC Davis) and Maggie Ramey (Manteca).

Competition Awards


David Willison ~ Best of Show 2D       Monique Castiaux ~ Best of Show 3D
Angela Johal ~ 2nd Place 2D                 Dan Bethune ~ 2nd Place 3D
Jim Coston ~ 3rd Place 2D                    Wilma Wyss ~ 3rd Place 3D


To view the exhibition on-line and link to the artists’ statements and websites, visit the Gallery website: http://gallery.deltacollege.edu

Exhibition Juror René de Guzman joined the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) in 2007 to lead the planning and execution of the reinstallation of the Gallery of California Art. Previously he was a founding staff member at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in San Francisco. During his fifteen-year tenure at YBCA, he provided early support for some of the Bay Area’s leading artists, and worked with national and international emerging and mid-career artists. De Guzman’s work both at OMCA and YBCA is marked by an ongoing commitment to experimentation and the creation of community around cultural activity. De Guzman earned his BFA in art practice at the University of California, Berkeley and his artworks are in collections including the Berkeley Art Museum and the San Jose Museum of Art. De Guzman is currently Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Division of the Curatorial Studies Program at the California College of the Arts.


In his juror’s statement De Guzman wrote, “It was a pleasure and honor serving as the juror for this year’s group exhibition. I was impressed with the range and quality of work that I saw. Because of the limitations of exhibition space, I could only choose a finite number that would feasibly fit in the gallery. Limiting the number of works in the show would also assure that the exhibition experience is a good one, one that gives the art enough space to be seen to their best advantage. As they say with music, it is the silences between the notes that make for a good sound. Consequently, as much as I would have liked, I wasn’t able to include the many, many worthy artworks in the overall selection pool. To reflect what was left out, I tried to include a diversity of selections so that the public could sense the richness and variety of styles and approaches that I found.

 As a curator working within a large institution, I rarely have enough time to see a lot of work. It’s the flip side of museum work that sometimes the duties at hand take you away from seeing art making, the interest that drew many of us to the field in the first place. Therefore, jurying this show has been a great benefit to me as a curatorial practitioner. I’m able to see the wealth of what is being done at the moment. My past experience and knowledge is updated and refreshed. This is another reason for the deep gratitude I feel for this opportunity.”
 2D - 3D Works Exhibiting Artists

Samuel Bassett / Pepe Pool (Lodi, CA)
Elizabeth Bennett (Cupertino, CA)
Dan Bethune (Georgetown, TN)
Cynthia Brinich-Langlois (Milwaukee, WI)
Monique Castiaux (San Francisco, CA)
Jason Compton (Stockton/UC Davis)
Lisa Cooperman (Stockton, CA)
Jim Coston (Lodi, CA)
Charles Cunningham (Sacramento, CA)
Jason Cytacki (Norman, OK)
Adrian Deva (Canton, MI)
Nicholas Gagliardi (Modesto, CA)
Barb Holmes (University City, MO)
Ronald Houck (Lodi, CA)
Sandra Hunter (Simi Valley, CA)
Angela Johal (Livermore, CA)
Masha Keating (Ventura, CA)
Maria Koo-Gin (Oakland, CA)
Joe Krawczyk (Orlando, FL)
Brandi Lee (Alameda, CA)
Zin Lim (Alameda, CA)
Nicole Lococo (Bethesda, MD)
Phil Lonergan (Campton, NH)

Carol McDonald (Cheyenne, WY)
Ellen McMahill (Sacramento, CA)
Monika Meler (Stockton, CA)
Susan Norton-Scott (Chandler, AZ)
Trude Parkinson (Portland, OR)
Sam Perry (Oakland, CA)
Maggie Ramey (Manteca, CA)
Angela Roux (Naples, ME)
Randall Sackerson (Ventura, CA)
Chuck Seerey (Sacramento, CA)
Steven Steinman (Atlanta, GA)
William Stoehr (Boulder, CO)
Marcia Stuermer (San Francisco, CA)
Doug Tausik (Ventura, CA)
Douglas Thielscher (Berkeley, CA)
Christopher J. Troutman (Peoria, IL)
Lyn Twitchell (Gardnerville, CA)
Paul Valadez (Edinburg, TX)
Mark Webster (North Highlands, CA)
Jenny Wiener (Tavares, FL)
David H. Willison (Tequesta, FL)
Dan Woodard (Redwood City, CA)
Wilma Wyss (Berkeley, CA)

  The L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery is located on the ground floor of Shima Center, and is wheelchair accessible. Admission is free and open to the public. Recommended parking is available in the Shima lot for a fee of $2. Tours are welcome and gallery talks may be addressed by contacting gallery director, Jan Marlese, at: (209) 954-5507, or jmarlese@deltacollege.edu.   

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