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Stockton Animal Shelter under fire for euthanasia rates

STOCKTON, CA- Amber Bean of Stockton was frantic when her cat Prayer went missing in March.

"I put posters up and letters in neighbor's mailboxes," Bean said.

A neighbor had picked up her cat, thinking it was feral and took it along with other to the Stockton Animal Shelter. However, Amber was too late when she rushed to the shelter to get Prayer the next day.

"My cat was euthanized the next day, it was horrible," Bean said. "They said he was sick, but he wasn't. He was healthy."

The shelter is required by law to hold stray animals four days, but officials said the hold time can be reduced if the animal appears to be sick.

Shelter director Pat Claerbout came under fire by critics last summer for euthanizing more than 900 animals during the month of August alone; 466 dogs and 505 cats.

Claerbout defends that choice.

Arrest made in Stockton stabbing

STOCKTON, CA - Police have arrested a man in the stabbing death of another man Friday evening.

According to Stockton Police Lt. Rocha, the suspect is Adolph Gutierrez. The victim and Gutierrez were involved in an onging dispute with family members, which resulted in the fight and ultimate stabbing.

The violence took place in the residential neighborhood on the 1300 block of E. Worth Street shortly after 5 p.m.

According to Det. Joseph Silva, one person did not survive and two others were taken to the hospital for treatment Friday.

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Stockton students step up to pay for canine cop

STOCKTON, CA - Students at Lincoln High School in Stockton funded a new canine deputy for the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department.

Through raffles, bake sales and car washes, students from the school's Engineering and Construction Academy raised $9,000.

"I hear a lot of negativity about students today," teacher Jeff Wright said. "They talk about the greatest generation. I'm biased, but these kids are fantastic."

Wright came up with the idea of raising the money. He saw the need two years ago after another sheriff's canine was killed in a raid. He thought the replacement cost would be a couple of thousand dollars. 

Even when Wright learned the cost was close to $9,000, his students were able to pull it off.

Hoss, the new dog, is 17 months old. He joins 11 other dogs in the sheriff's canine unit

Lost Dog Nov. 13 Owens River Gorge…An online chronicle of a dog owner’s story.

Lost Dog Nov. 13 Owens River Gorge…An online chronicle of a dog owner’s story.

About a month ago, dog owner John Robinson, lost his 8 year old Queensland Heeler, Charlee in the Sierras. For the following 4 weeks, John shared the search for Charlee on Supertopo.com, a rock climbing forum online.

John had written on the site that he had last seen his dog at “2pm at the base of the Great Wall of China, Owens River Gorge.” He let the forum know that the collar she was wearing had her name and his contact information. A week went by and no word or sign of Charlee. John wrote on November 22, 2011, “Still no Charlee. Don’t want to give up hope but it’s been over a week now.” Any pet owner can relate to his post and feel the worried pain of searching for his lost companion.

Then the unbelievable happened. Charlee was found and he immediately shared it to the forum.

Dec 9: “Unbelievable but true. Charlee has been found. She was found yesterday by Ben Logan, found near where we last saw her near China Wall in the Owens River Gorge.