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Dog lovers defend pit bulls as breed

SACRAMENTO, CA - A pit bull attack that left a woman in Stockton dead Thursday has re-ignited a debate about the breed: Is their reputation for violence deserved?

STORY: Woman killed in apparent pit bull attack in Stockton ID'd

Owners of American Staffordshire Terriers competing at Cal Expo's Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show will tell you their dogs are often mistaken by the public for pit bulls, so they're intimately aware of the public scorn for pit bulls.

That's especially true for Richard Chatigny. After years of raising Amstaffs and other dogs, he and his wife adopted a pit bull named Sadie.

"She's the calmest. She's the most obedient. She's the most accepting of anybody and everybody. She's a great ambassador," Chatigny said of Sadie.

Blind pug robbed by diabetes struggles for surgery

Blind pug robbed by diabetes struggles for surgery

SACRAMENTO, CA -- A Sacramento pug rescue group is reaching out to animal lovers in hopes of providing a much needed surgery for one of their precious pugs.  

Eight year-old Mija (Mee-ha) is a playful pug who loves to snuggle. She was rescued by PugSavers, a Northern California pug rescue group, after her owner, who loved her dearly couldn't afford special care for her diabetes. Mija's foster family has been taking great care of her until she finds her forever home, but recently her condition has worsened causing blindness in both of her eyes. 

It has been recommended by a specialist that both of Mija's eyes be removed to help with her diabetes and alleviate what has now become a painful condition.


Rummage Sale for Animal Protection League

Rummage Sale for Animal Protection League

The Animal Protection League and Whirlow's on the Miracle Mile will be holding a Rummage Sale on Saturday, Oct. 6. In the meantime, the APL is in need of donations for the sale.

Baby items, books, toys, bikes, kitchenware, small appliances, radios, sterios, tools, housewares, small furniture and rugs are they types of items the organization is looking to add to its sale.

There will be a pre-rummage sale on Friday, Oct. 5 at Whirlow's Restaurant on the Miracle Mile. There will also be a raffle, live misc and food.

The Rummage Sale will take place on Oct. 6 in the back parking lot of Whirlow's. This is replacing the APL's traditional fall garage sale.  They are in need items for the sale and volunteers to work the event.

Stockton police investigate animal shelter

Stockton police investigate animal shelter

STOCKTON, CA - In spring, the Stockton Animal Shelter came under fire for alleged mismanagement and poor record keeping on how long dogs and cats were being held before being euthanized. 

The shelter's director faced criticism for euthanizing 971 animals in one month alone.

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Several months later, new documents indicate things have not improved.

Public documents show 515 animals were euthanized between September and November 2011 on the very same day they were brought in.

By law, shelters must keep stray or surrendered animals at least four business days, unless the animal is suffering.

But public records show many didn't make it longer than 24 hours.

PHOTOS: Stockton animal shelter needs help

STOCKTON, CA - The Stockton Animal Protection League, APL, needs help to stay open.

With the City of Stockton in financial trouble, it cannot help fund the APL's operation, which works along side of the Stockton Animal Shelter.

The program ran because of the city's funding and donations. Without that funding, the APL needs the public's help with donations.

The public can help by making donation on the APL's website: http://www.apl209.org