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Fancy Face Adopted By Local Author!

Fancy Face Adopted By Local Author!

Animal Friends Connection is happy to share that Fancy has been adopted! Her new mom is Kelly Preston, author of “Real Dogs Don’t Whisper” and “Mr. Sparky”. Real Dogs follows the lives and adventures of four high needs rescue dogs. It is a heart warming true story of love, patience and never giving up. Just the perfect family for our lovely Fancy Face! She was blind but now she can see, she was lost and now she is home, she was alone and now she is loved!

San Joaquin USA zoo - Micke Grove - Mobile Zoo Van Revamped!

The zoo is about to come out with a roar," said Terry Maple, a former director of the Atlanta Fulton County Zoo and a consultant hired by the Micke Grove Zoological Society. "I think you're going to see some very exciting things happening." 

 The Zoo Mobile van brings to schools snakes, tortoises, a new hedgehog and other animals as part of Micke Grove's education program.

The program isn't new, but it is changing, said officials with a nonprofit organization supporting the zoo, which is owned and operated by San Joaquin County.

The flashy van is indicative of change happening, and more is on the way.

The van's role is at least twofold. It brings the zoo out in the community and is a rolling billboard promoting Micke Grove. The van has made appearances at home games of the Stockton Ports, and it is more noticeable than the nondescript truck that used to ferry the animals to classrooms.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary saves 565 chickens from death

Today, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary will open its doors to 556 adoptable hens from a commercial egg farm in the San Joaquin Valley.

The hens will be available for adoption starting on Monday, July 22.

The hens are all two and a half year old White Leghorns. They are in excellent health and vaccinated. Most hens live to 10 years. They are generally active, becoming very friendly and curious with attention from adopters.

The hens will be adopted to homes that will care for the chicken as companion animals. Due to conditions in the commercial egg farm, the hens beaks are all clipped and they will need special accommodation for feeding.

Adventures of Annie & Andy continue with a field trip to Micki Grove Park

Adventures of Annie & Andy continue with a field trip to Micki Grove Park

Annie and her brother Andy. This very highly bonded pair will be adopted together! They romp and play, and snuggle and sleep together.

They are bright and charming, adorable and amusing, always entertaining and so full of love and snuggles. This brother and sissy are very bonded and we are committed to keeping them together. 

Andy and his sister Annie were found out in the country and were seen for a week before they were rescued. They look to be Maltese/Poodle mixes and appear to be under a year old. Annie and Andy are gentle, affectionate and playful; they also want to be lap dogs.

Fancy SEES Lodi Lake & Meets New Friends Annie & Andy!

Fancy SEES Lodi Lake & Meets New Friends Annie & Andy!

"Hi Animal Friends, this is Fancy here! Have you met Andy and Annie, a fun pair of siblings who are available for adoption just like me? I had the privilege of spending the day with them at Lodi Lake. They are great dogs who obviously take after me. We spent the day walking around the lake, smelling the grass, and watching the geese, and just enjoying the dog's life.

Fancy Face Goes To A Birthday Party!

"Hi Fans! This is Fancy. I wanted to tell you about my fun day out. My foster mom has been telling me all about my foster cousin in the Bay Area. Sabrina is her name and she was having a birthday party to celebrate her 11th birthday and I was invited! I was so excited to be going out on an adventure that didn't include a visit to the vet.

True miracle! Rescued blind dog's sight restored!

True miracle! Rescued blind dog's sight restored!

Animal Friends Connection put out a plea for help to restore Fancy’s sight and it was resoundingly answered! Fancy is a beautiful 7-year-old Cocker. She was blind in both eyes due to cataracts though we were thrilled when Dr. Olin of Village Vet evaluated that he could restore sight in BOTH eyes! He then provided a 40% discount off the normal surgery prices which included her post surgery medication and follow up for a year!