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Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary saves 565 chickens from death | Animal Lovers

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Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary saves 565 chickens from death

Today, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary will open its doors to 556 adoptable hens from a commercial egg farm in the San Joaquin Valley.

The hens will be available for adoption starting on Monday, July 22.

The hens are all two and a half year old White Leghorns. They are in excellent health and vaccinated. Most hens live to 10 years. They are generally active, becoming very friendly and curious with attention from adopters.

The hens will be adopted to homes that will care for the chicken as companion animals. Due to conditions in the commercial egg farm, the hens beaks are all clipped and they will need special accommodation for feeding.

Hens are generally retired from egg production at 2 years of age and euthanized; often, up to 100 hens at a time are placed in a Co2 chamber, as this is the cost-effective way to destroy hens no longer laying eggs at a quick enough rate in battery cage egg production facilities. However, this particular egg producer reached out to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary this week, to see if their 565 retired hens could be placed into homes.

In 2008, California passed Proposition 2, which changed the way companies can house chickens, pigs and cows and sough to end the most inhumane housing practices.  It is common for hens in battery cage egg producers to house hens in cages no larger than a piece of paper. The cages are stacked side by side, and hens do not even have room to extend their wings.  They spend their lives in these cages, then are destroyed when they are no longer procuring eggs quickly enough. The proposition stipulated that companies would have until 2015 to make changes to their animal housing.

Source: Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary