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Fancy SEES Lodi Lake & Meets New Friends Annie & Andy! | Animal Lovers

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Fancy SEES Lodi Lake & Meets New Friends Annie & Andy!
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Fancy SEES Lodi Lake & Meets New Friends Annie & Andy!

"Hi Animal Friends, this is Fancy here! Have you met Andy and Annie, a fun pair of siblings who are available for adoption just like me? I had the privilege of spending the day with them at Lodi Lake. They are great dogs who obviously take after me. We spent the day walking around the lake, smelling the grass, and watching the geese, and just enjoying the dog's life.

Andy and Annie had this crazy thought that they would be able to catch a squirrel. We would be walking along, enjoying the scenery, when all of the sudden Andy and Annie would yell 'Squirrel!' I don't understand this, but to each their own. As you can see in this picture I am telling Andy to keep dreamin'. He'll never, ever catch a squirrel. But even with my infinite wisdom, Andy and Annie never gave up!

As I continued to spend the day with them, I came to see the wonderful bond these two have with each other. Anyone who sees this bond will understand why they will need to be adopted together. I wish I could be their older sister but I have my own journey to take. Is it possible your journey includes both of these adorable faces?

After Andy's day at the lake he was so tired, it was nap time! Heidi, "Hey Andy, wake up! Let's play! Andy? You always want to play.....Andy? Helloooo, are you in there?"

Andy, "Zzzzzzzz."

When Heidi couldn’t persuade Andy to join her in playing, she decided to join him in a nap! Heidi observes, “Andy you make a lovely soft pillow!.....ah I love my Andy boy!"

You can view more of Annie & Andy's pictures on Animal Friends Connection's Facebook page. They have their own photo album! https://www.facebook.com/animalfriendsconnection

All of our adoptable pups are listed on our web site at: http://www.animalfriendsconnect.org

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