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Legal Expert Reviews Viral Videos, Says Excessive Police Force Diminishes Public Trust

In less than a week, 2 videos involving Stockton police officers making forceful arrests of African Americans have surfaced. The first video depicts an arrest of 16 year old Emelio Mayfield, accused of jaywalking at a busstop. The other, Danielle Harris, 35, facing a complaint for loud music.

"When you look at the tapes, you see an awful lot of violence and an awful lot of use of police force for very minor offenses," said Michael Vitiello, a Professor at McGeorge School of Law and a leading expert in Criminal Law.

Local immigrants and advocates respond to Pope's speech

At Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton, executive director Elvira Ramirez tears up seeing Pope Francis's visit Washington DC.

"I'm so proud to be a part of Catholic Charities. And know that he's highlighting the needs of the poor and vulnerable," said Elvira Ramirez of Catholic Charities.

Pope Francis spoke to a joint meeting of Congress. He asked lawmakers to follow the Golden Rule as they deal with immigration and Europe's ongoing refugee crisis.

"Our response is of hope and healing," said Pope Francis.

For Ramirez, the pope's words ring true.

"My hope is they will hear the pope. We're talking about human dignity and human beings," said Ramirez.

On this Thursday, Jacqueline Cadelinia of Stockton is petitioning for her daughter to come to the U-S from the Philippines.

Video shows conflict between Stockton police and woman

For the second time this week, a Stockton police officer has been photographed during an arrest using force to get a person down to the ground.

Both times, the arrests were widely viewed online, and both time the person arrested complained the forced used was excessive.

According to arrest records, police responded to a noise complaint at the 600 block of MacDuff Avenue. The resident, Danielle Harris, 35, refused to turn down her music.

The report says the officer made several attempts to get the Harris to turn down the music. When officers attempted to detain Harris, she pulled away from the police and tried to swing at the officer. The report states that is when Harris was taken down to the ground, handcuffed and put into a patrol car.

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Two Stockton students arrested for possession of loaded gun

Two students were taken into custody at a Stockton high school when they were found in possession of a loaded firearm and a bullet.

Police said the two Bear Creek High School students were discovered on Tuesday. Two other students were also detained when police heard rumors that they also were allegedly in possession of weapons. None were discovered.

No other incidents or injuries were reported.

Stockton Police Chief speaks out on viral video of jaywalking teen

Not on the agenda, but certainly on the minds of many attending Tuesday's Stockton City Council meetings: a viral video showing a physical confrontation between an officer and a teen.

16-year-old Emelio Mayfield is accused of jaywalking at a bus stop.

In the video, an officer is heard telling the teen to "stop resisting," as he uses force to detain him. 

"Officer Lawrence Wright was definitely in the wrong for assaulting that child with closed fists, if anyone of us would have touched a child like that we would be incarcerated,"  Aaron Pardiso said during the public comment at the council meeting.  

"It has already been seen now 20 million times around the world, once again Stockton has a stain on it," declared Motecuzoma Sanchez at the meeting.  

University of the Pacific alumni among top earners

University of the Pacific alumni among top earners

STOCKTON – Graduates of the University of the Pacific earn a median annual salary of $66,400 a decade after starting class, according to newest White House College Scorecard. That earns the school a ranking of eighth among public and private nonprofit universities in terms of alumni salaries.

On average, Pacific graduates earn more than their peers from USC, UC Berkeley or UCLA.

The average annual cost of attending the University of the Pacific is $30,318, and students graduate with an average debt of $23,500. Forty percent of students receive Pell grants and 57 percent graduate on time.

The school has tried to help students reduce costs by pledging to pick up the cost of coursework beyond four years for undergraduates who agree at the outset to declare a major on time, meet regularly with academic advisers, enroll in necessary courses and meet certain conditions... Read More