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Bike safety workshop planned in downtown Stockton

Bike safety workshop planned in downtown Stockton

STOCKTON  — If you ride your bike to work or school, ride competitively or just want to know more about how to make Stockton more bike-friendly, you may want to attend a bicycle safety training workshop on Sept. 12.

The workshop and training will be held from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. at Huddle Cowork at 235 N. San Joaquin St. in downtown Stockton. It will be conducted by the UC Berkeley Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC)... Read More

Program Without Walls- UCP of San Joaquin

Everyone wants fulfillment, and UCP of San Joaquin's Program Without Walls is working every day to help individuals with disabilities achieve that goal.

Based on an individual's interests, UCP provides the service that'll best enrich the client's life. By offering micro business classes, personal goals can be met, and clients can live independent and productive lives.

Contact: ucpsj.org

California rent cheapest in Merced, Stockton and Modesto

California rent cheapest in Merced, Stockton and Modesto

Rent in California’s Central Valley is among the cheapest in the state while Bay Area renters pay among the highest according rental search site zumper.com

Merced, Stockton and Modesto are among the cheapest places in the state to rent a 1 bedroom apartment according the site’s August California rent report.

The site found that the median rent for a 1 bedroom apartment or house in Merced was $550 per month. Renters in Stockton paid $650 while Modesto paid the most among Central Valley cities at $750 per month for a similar unit. Five of the cheapest 10 cities to live in, rent-wise, were located in the Central Valley.

The median rent for a 1 bedroom unit in California is $1,600 per month... Read More

Help Community Business Bank Give Away $10,000 to Benefit Local Non-Profit

Help Community Business Bank Give Away $10,000 to Benefit Local Non-Profit

There’s no fancy party planned to celebrate Community Business Bank’s 10th anniversary. Instead, the West Sacramento-headquartered community bank plans to give away $10,000 to one lucky not-for-profit making a difference in Sacramento, Yolo, San Joaquin or Solano counties.

“For the past decade, it’s been our honor to help meet the needs of small businesses and not-for-profits in our communities,” said John DiMichele, CEO, Community Business Bank. “Our $10,000 give away contest is the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to a local not-for-profit that is working hard every day to help those in need.” In addition to the cash prize, the winner will receive a full-page ad in thePartners in Philanthropyedition of the Sacramento Business Journal.

Entry period for all nominations is September 1-30, 2015. Here are two ways to nominate your favorite not-for-profit:

Program adds 11 entrepreneurs to its ranks

Program adds 11 entrepreneurs to its ranks

STOCKTON – Eleven women graduated from the Women Entrepreneurs program of the Northeastern California Small Business Development Center San Joaquin Delta College (SBDC) on Wednesday. The graduation ceremony took place on Wednesday at the WorkNet building.

The graduates completed strategic and operational business plans and learned ways to increase their financial independence, personal development and self-confidence while strengthening their communication and presentation skills. The program included 20 hours of  training on core aspects of business management such as marketing, financial management and planning.

The Women Entrepreneurs program began in 1991 and is underwritten by Citibank, as well as the Small Business Deputy Sector Navigator San Joaquin Delta College. In its 14 years in existence, 380 graduates have passed through the program... Read More

Michael Tubbs to run for Stockton mayor

Stockton City Councilmember Michael Tubbs announced early Wednesday he's running for mayor of Stockton.

"Being the mayor, it gives you the bully pulpit to speak out about issues that matter to the lives of Stocktonians," Tubbs said.