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Homeless camps on Stockton streets to be removed

It's moving day Saturday for hundreds of people living in tents and other structures on the streets in Stockton. The city gave notice earlier this week that those people were trespassing, and need to move on.

"The city wants to run these people, but where are they going to go?" Juanita, a woman who lives in her car near the homeless service agencies that offer food, clothing and medical care told ABC10.

City of Stockton spokesperson Connie Cochran couldn't address where homeless people would go, only that it was necessary for health and safety reasons to clean the streets, and the private property where camps have been built. She said help is available through other agencies.

"The services they need to address their circumstances and recover are administered by the state and delivered by the county. Cash, food, shelter and services for mental health are addressed by the county," Cochran said.

L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery Presents Imagine the Fantastic Oct. 8 - Nov. 5 Reception, Oct. 8, 5 p.m.

L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery Presents  Imagine the Fantastic Oct. 8 - Nov. 5 Reception, Oct. 8, 5 p.m.

Delta Center for the Arts L.H. Horton Jr. Gallery presents presents the 6th Annual 2D–3D Works National Exhibition and Awards Competition, Imagine the Fantastic, October 8 - November 5, 2015.

Stockton firefighters recount rescuing two women from burning apartment

Two firefighters with the Stockton Fire Department are being credited with rescuing two women trapped inside a burning apartment.

Fire crews responded to reports of an apartment fire on the 8600 block of Acapulco Way on Saturday morning. Once on scene, the firefighters said they heard cries for help coming from the second floor of the building.

The Stockton Fire Department released audio of the dispatch recording when crews arrived on scene. In the recording, Capt. Brian Popoff could be heard telling dispatch: "We have people hanging out the window on the north side. We're going to throw in the ladder."

Popoff recalled having to quickly assess the situation. "There was a quick response. We had seconds to rescue that first woman that was dangling from the window," said Popoff.

Stockton woman arrested for setting apartment complex on fire

A Stockton firefighter was being credited with saving two women from a burning home Saturday morning.  

Dr. Kathy Hart to sign Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge on October 7th

Dr. Kathy Hart to sign Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge on October 7th

San Joaquin Delta College Superintendent/President Dr. Kathy Hart will sign the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurs (NACCE) Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge on Wednesday, October 7, 1 p.m. at the college’s new Plaza courtyard.

Here’s what outsiders say about the Central Valley

Here’s what outsiders say about the Central Valley

A national site selection company CEO says that despite California’s reputation as having a bad business climate, the state — and especially the Central Valley — is a great place to put a distribution center.

The Boyd Company released its study of the 25 cities its clients most commonly look at for warehousing and distribution. It calculated how much it would cost to run a 500,000-square-foot warehouse with 200 workers in each city and ranked them according to the cost of doing business.

Ten California cities, including Stockton and Tracy, were on the list. Tracy ranked 18th with $16.6 million in operating costs. Stockton was 19th with $16.7 million.

Apart from being less expensive than Chicago ($21.8 million) or Dallas ($17.6 million), California cities have other things going for them... Read More

Stockton hit-and-run suspect turns himself in

UPDATE: The suspect in Thursday morning's hit-and-run is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail.  CHP investigators say a co-worker convinced him to turn himself in after his picture was publicized in the media.  Antonio Araujo, 30, is facing charges for felony hit and run and misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for the death of 16 year old Michael Teixeira.  Teixiera was on his skateboard, taking his usual route to Franklin High School according to investigators.  Near the intersection of South Walker Lane and Section Avenue he was struck by an SUV around 6:20 a.m.  Araujo is believe to have been the driver of that SUV, and the crash occurred as Araujo as he tried to pass a slower moving vehicle.  Witnesses told CHP officers that Araujo stopped and exited his vehicle momentarily, but then drove off, leaving Teixiera in the street to die.